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The Academy of Music’s buildings

The Karol Szymanowski Academy of Music’s seat consists of five buildings. The oldest neo-Gothic building (33, Wojewódzka street) is linked with the modern building which includes a concert hall for 480 people by a spacious atrium. Apart from the concert hall, the modern building includes one of the biggest musical libraries in Poland, a music therapy hall, an electronic music laboratory, a restaurant and many other facilities. The atrium is also linked with a building in 3, Zacisze street, where the Academy’s authorities have their offices. The other two buildings where lectures and rehearsals take place, are located in 5, Zacisze street and 27, Krasińskiego street.



Location of the Academy of Music 

Nearby, there are many shops, restaurants, music clubs (Mariacka Street), a commercial centre, cash dispensers, a bus stop (Katowice Mariacka) and a tramway stop (Katowice Damrota).

How to reach Katowice

The city of Katowice has a good connection with the International Airport ‘Katowice-Pyrzowice’. You can find information about bus connection between the centre of Katowice and the airport on the website , and about taxi connections on the website 

80 km from Katowice there is also the John Paul II International Airport Cracow-Balice.



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