ECTS credit allocation

What is ECTS? European Credit Transfer System has been designed by the European Commission to prepare procedures to guarantee recognition of periods of study abroad. This system allows higher education institutions to recognise students’ achievements by using clear “measures”- credits.

ECTS credits are allocated to course units on the basis of the workload students need in order to achieve expected learning outcomes. They reflect the workload each course unit requires in comparison with the entire workload a student needs to complete an academic year in a given institution which includes: lectures, practical work, seminars, exams and other forms of assessment. ECTS credits are a relative, not absolute measure of the workload required from a student. Within ECTS 60 ECTS credits are attached to the workload of a fulltime year of formal learning (academic year) and usually 30 credits – to the workload of a semester. ECTS credits are allocated to course units, and they are granted to students who have met the requirements to complete them. According to the Regulations of the Academy, it is necessary to obtain 30 credits to complete a semester.

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